15 September 2007

Perpetual autumn

One of the best things about 2007 is that I will be experiencing Autumn three separate times. My first began way up north in the Yukon Territory sometime around mid-August and ended when I got stranded in Skagway, Alaska on the 3rd of Sept. Now, nearly two weeks later, I'm enjoying watching the summer foliage of Carcross, YT and Skagway bleed out their green and come ablaze in yellows and reds. Today was perhaps the best Carcross had to offer, and Skagway should follow suite soon enough. My third autumn begins when I fly back to Utah on the 25th. Hopefully I won't be too late.


xanthoman said...

If you want to come up to Boulder Mtn with me and record lichen data you can see fall another time or two.

Trevor said...

I just wanted to say how beautiful I think this picture is of you in front of a painted backdrop. Did you have this professionally done, or were you just living somewhere with a backdrop like that? Perhaps every home should have seasonal rooms like this.