20 May 2008

Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempo

It might... it might rain money
It might... it might rain fire
Now Im gonna call... gonna call on Legba.

According to recent revelations my life just might be in order. What I'm talking about is the tarot card reading I got from Sharon, my new fruitivour Kiwi friend I met in Pattaya, and the result of a study on car color and personality recently featured on Yahoo News. The cards told of my current state of equilibrium and foretold of my eventual run in with some money. There was also a love card and a fertility card in there. I can't wait. The study mentioned that owners of silver cars are the second most stable Americans you can find, enjoying something like 1.3% more personal stability than the average American. Only folks with dark blue cars, I think it was, supersede us kids with silver ones. My feelings on that are these: American's must be pretty messed up if I'm better than average. In any event, while I wait for my future fortune, I have some Talking Heads to listen to.

You'll be a magnet for money
You'll be a magnet for love
You'll feel light in your body.
- "Papa Legba"


xanthoman said...

What about a silver bike? What would the taro maid say about me?

Steve and Hailey said...

Did you say Talking Heads?

Laura said...

I have a silver car! What goods news. Wayne, I completely did not realized that you had a blog and I am so excited to read it everyday now.