19 August 2008

signs along the way

Things got strange once I hit Kansas - strange for me anyway. I began seeing signs for things that I hadn't been exposed to before. If I had to judge from the signs and billboards posted along I-70 I'd say the folks in Kansas care a lot about getting you saved in the Kingdom of God and making sure all fetuses get there too. It's not a bad goal, really. The folks in Oklahoma must have a tendency to fish off highway bridges. The Missourians have placed a lot of adult shops along the freeway, but I'd never go in them. One billboard had a picture indicating wheelchair access and I couldn't help but think of shopping in such a place with Gramma 'n Grampa. Then there was the "UP TO 6XL" that troubled me deeply. For the life of me I couldn't imagine what someone wearing a garment that large would look like, and I hope real life never forces me to find out. Missouri also marked the real beginning of innumerable displays of Waffle House advertising. But my favorite sign was a road sign in Pennsylvania that read

"Buckle up
next million miles!"

Since when did we put so much attitude in our road signs?


Laura said...

I'm sorry to say that I've been folding 5XL men's tops all day :(
Sure wish you'd taken some pics of those signs...

michelle said...

Wayne - I love your posts.