02 July 2009


This morning my friend Taty in Sicily asked me if I wanted to help collect books to send to a children's school in India where a friend of hers is trying to assemble a library. I'm in the humanities and consequentially am really into books, so I emailed Fr. Sibi to get some more information about what he's after. This was his response

"I would like books on subjects like science, geography, history, stories, events, encyclopedias etc. Books that is meant for children and their mental growth."

If you can think of a book you read as a child or young adult that stimulated your mental growth, or a book that would have stimulated it, I think you should do what you can to get a copy to the school. Here are a couple of options

1. Find a copy of the book(s) you want to send, write a little message on the inside cover, go to the post office and send it. Just be aware that sending heavy things to India might be pricey so

2. I recommend buying your book(s) through an online bookstore that will ship it(them) for free. The best ones that I've seen so far are Rediff Books and flipcart. The prices are in rupee but you can check the dollar amount here, just select "Indian Ruppe" and you can figure out the rest. As for the message on the inside cover, you could simply email it either to me or directly to Sibi.

I'm waiting to here back from Sibi about where exactly we'll need to send the books.

My hope is that we can add at least 100 books to their library. Help me keep track of what gets sent (also so Sibi knows what to wait for in the mail) by sending me an email or even commenting here on the blog. Thanks for reading.


Roy & Annette said...

So I'm guessing you don't want college level books (although I don't think I could afford to send our extras). Are you mainly looking for books that are 18 and younger friendly?

w. leavitt said...

probably not college level books. i think the safest bet is to go with books for elementary school and jr. high levels - possibility some high school stuff too. i'm trying to double check with Sibi to see what the need. it might even be a good idea to check with him before buying the books so they don't end up with several copies of something they already have.

anyway, last night i was looking at what it would cost to buy three of the books i had in mind from an internet bookstore: less than $14 US, free shipping.