14 October 2009

in memory of my very first post, i repeat that fall is a nice time of year. this year i won't be enjoying the change of seasons three times over, but i'm finding plenty of pleasant things to do instead. i think it all began with a Labor Day visiting Niagara Falls, where i believed (falsely) that people had aching desires to enjoy nature's majesty and power
while in reality it's seems more connected desires for wax museums and haunted houses.

Annamaria and i held off until just recently for our halloween experience, which was masterfully brought to us in the form of Diamanda Galás gurgling razors and low-note piano keys for over an hour.

in efforts to balance our diet of this year's fall experience we took a little jaunt out to Hartwood Acres to tour the mansion there. i thought that was pretty worthwhile as well, and have a photograph to prove it.

the next addition to the parade of autumn delights would be nothing else but a wonder movie and concert by Califone. they played a cacophonous soundtrack to their kind of scary, kind of kooky, kind of silly film and topped everything of with a very enjoyable group of songs. i was so satisfied that i bought the new cd and a t-shirt!

one of the next adventures will be thanksgiving in phoenix. the last time we had thanksgiving there we had great napkin holders.


Ashley said...

When did this sans-beard business begin? I feel cheated that you didn't announce it to the world.

Roy & Annette said...

So impressed you remembered the napkin holders! I guess it was worth all the work to make them.