17 January 2010

My friend's film


"Set in 1987 war-torn Beirut, Sandbags recounts the true story of Edmond Naim, Governor of the Lebanese Central Bank. We follow the man in charge of the Lebanese currency and governmental payrolls on a fateful day that will ultimately lead him to an unprecedented historical feat: Edmond Naim will sleep in his office from 1987 till the end of the civil war, keeping the Lebanese Fort Knox machine well oiled and operational.

Caught between two capricious seceded governments, away from his family and guarded only by two Security officers, Naim endures a harsh work routine with constant shelling at and around his bank, civil strife and gunfire on the roads, and constant pressure to keep the Gold safe."

Let's be honest, it sounds great. Unfortunately they're a few grand short on funds, so, if you're a fan of the arts or just want to get your name in the credits of a worthwhile film, I encourage you to consider donating a few dollars.

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